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The stage is as big as the heart.

No one is lucky enough to come out of thin air. Only when you work hard enough will you be lucky enough. This world will not let down every effort and perseverance, time will not neglect persistent and brave everyone.

Success is like wearing high heels. When you start out with blisters, many people will give up.

A person, can seize hope only themselves, can give up hope only themselves.

A competent person influences others, while an incompetent person is influenced by others. Don't want others to negate, oneself will work harder!

Life has never been truly desperate. No matter how much suffering, no matter how much suffering, we should cherish a seed of faith in our hearts.

A man who can live well today is not so bad tomorrow. For true generosity to the future means dedicating your best efforts to the present and valuing the present. The future is endless

Nothing can be accomplished without doing it. Wherever you want to go, there will be a way. You can't see beauty because you haven't kept going. Life is about taking small steps before you act. Be your best self every day!

Life, there is no permanent pain, there is no implacable. Giving up properly is a graceful turn of life. There are no such setbacks, let yourself cross the posture of a bit more beautiful!

Doing something you haven't done is called growing, doing something you don't want to do is called changing, doing something you dare not do is called breakthrough.
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