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There is a song called "when I am old", there is a saying: I choose goodness!

When I am old,

I still choose good, not my weakness,

Because I know that are not empty, good and evil have retribution;

I choose tolerance, not my cowardice,

Because I understand, tolerance of others, is to forgive yourself;

I choose not confused, I am really confused,

Because I understand that some things are not to fight;

I choose my life, I do not expect busy,

Because I understand that high official positions and riches are clouds.

When I am old,

I still do a grass,

Long in the cliff, long in the corner,

Keep a pure silence.

No stunning flowers,

Not a tree straight qingtian,

The wind dust landing, not to disturb the bustling,

With the seasons, but regardless of the joys and sorrows.

Keep a pure land, appreciate every warm sunshine and hope.

The wind with the wind, clouds fell through and the urgency of indifferent,

Sing a song of water infused a clear, quiet enron.

When I am old,

I hope I can be healthy,

Will not become a burden on the child.

Is a gentle and kind old man,

Hold a tolerant heart,

Not with unreasonable demands, and loses her temper.

When I am old,

When in pain, aging,

In pain, loneliness and loneliness,

There are people who speak a joke for me,

Can also recall young story together,

I believe that love is the best.

The deepest love is not love,

Love a person, not how much,

But give him happy, let him happy.

When I am old,

I want to change the appearance,

The same is I still have a warm young,

Passionate heart,

Still hope that the child like innocence,

Keep a young and lovely, pure heart,

No matter the life is pain, sorrow, or failure,

All of this, non success are empty,

Love the pain, have in the past.

When I am old,

There will be people in the heart of love and miss me occasionally,

When I was on crutches, bent back,

Sit on a bench in the park,

All around smiling at the,

Someone will be watching and ignore my loneliness,

Who would be willing to accompany me,

Hold me, walking and talking with me.

When I am old,

I hope I can take care of life,

Sometimes I will be basking in the sunshine,

And nodding by the fire, his eyes closed,

Memories of my life through the road,

Think of my family and friends,

Sometimes I will smile, sometimes sigh.

When I am old,

Deafness, teeth, hair white,

I hope that once the partner is still around, play together,

Memories of us together through time,

Can hold hands and walk in the sunset,

Can a smile,

Hugging, rely on each other, will not leave.

When I am old,

I no longer love lively, stay up late,

I just want to do a quiet,

Left alone time to think,

Slow down, quiet down, listen to the voice of flowers,

Just quietly watching everything around familiar,

Quietly leave.

Admittedly, my life is so ordinary,

Not with vigour and vitality, no shaking heaven and earth,

Can I really lives,

Gently I go, as quietly as I came here......

People's life in the watch:

Childhood and innocence, then apply a colorful palette;

When the watch window, weaving a better dream diligently;

After work and career and love,

In the pursuit of life sweet and hard;

Slowly, finally, we began to watch the home,

Watch the quiet side of the harbour, and the cycle of life!

(source: the source text of chicken soup, if there is infringement, please contact us, thank you!)

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