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For | simple fix dirty, smelly, grinding foot......

Every season, pulls out last year obviously wear no more than shoes, but why so dirty, so old, simply can not endure!

It comes with love and hate shoes, each virtuous women have spit endless grievances!

How to clean suede, suede nursing
Suede leather, suede single product is fashionable, big, all-match, but her up very headache! Really can not think of any way can give professionals, this is not a small sum of money...... On the way, you can professional maintenance at home.
01 special cleaning suede
If it is difficult to remove stains, a small blessing to recommend a special artifact: suede decontamination rubber. A special deal with suede material stains gadgets, can easily find a treasure. It is very simple to use, is to adjust the intensity.

02 special cleaning
A cleaning brush and waterproof suede, suede spray can not be soft, the former can remove dust, stains on the surface of the water will not protect suede deformation hardening. Can not remember the water oh!
 Second-hand machine, second-hand second-hand machine before help, after the machine.

Canvas shoes, sports shoes to clean
White shoes a timeless shoes, any clothing collocation it can "ride", no matter what the body style wearing clothes, feet are a pair of white shoes collocation. So, every white sports shoes will continue to go on fire, this is without a doubt. But the white shoes dirty, let people wait for a new pair immediately,
Too! Hard! Wash! The!
In addition to routine cleaning steps
1 soak soaked
2 brush brush brush
3 sun sun sun
There are some special joy for a unique secret, can make more newer and better wear white white shoes.

01 wash in vain
Wash detergent shoes before daub, can be washed with baking soda, anyway;
After washing not exposure, because the absolute will be yellow to not wear, with a full range of white paper towel wrapped up and dried in the shade.
Remember, not to leave a bit gap when the packet of tissues.

02 using toothpaste
When the brush white shoe soles and the edge is often a headache, brush off! Try it with the toothpaste, there will be an unexpected effect.

03 cleaning shoes

Sports shoes must be a must for every love sports friends, when cleaning shoes to minimize water, and dried in the shade, remember not the sun, otherwise the shoes material easy to aging, hardening, plastic.

A method to taste shoes
The shoes wear long smelt is difficult to avoid some simple and easy method can easily taste oh!
01 soda deodorant

With waste cloth making soda deodorant bag, put the shoes, have the effect on the removal of taste oh.

02 alcohol odor
With a paper towel dipped a small amount of liquor, knead into the shoe. Alcohol can kill a large number of bacteria, reduce the odor of shoes.

03 bamboo charcoal deodorant
Buy some small charcoal bag, moisture and odor adsorption shoe.

Camphor deodorant 04
The camphor ball milled into powder, spreading a thin layer of the sole, put on the shoe pad, a day will be very dry and fresh.

05 slices of lemon and orange peel deodorant
The lemon or orange peel into the shoes in general, every night, smelly shoes basically can be removed, but also have a hint of fragrance.

06 powder and salt deodorant
The home with talcum powder and sprinkle some salt in the shoes, which can absorb sweat, to remove a shoe smelly effect.

How to maintain the old leather shoes
Take out small boots last year, no clear desire, only to throw away the impulse...... Tell the little blessing, this is not a small blessing! But it is really a classic leather shoes, and not easily outdated, well, take care of a sum of money can go on the line!

01 cleaning steps
First of all, come up with a large brush, horsehair brush that not too hard, brush brush brush...... After the confirmation of the sole, gap, surface dust removal is completed, and then the shoes cloth surface.
Nursing after cleaning before they can enter the next step

 Second-hand machine, second-hand second-hand machine before help, after the machine.

02 step nursing
Shoe care ointment plus some colorless evenly on the vamp.
Of course, you can also smear on the face of the shoe, brush off

03 waterproof steps
Finally, can add a layer of waterproof spray spray and deodorizing freshener, complete care oh.
Water spray, a half pipe!
How to deal with the foot wear shoes
In our daily life will often encounter an important problem, is very happy to buy a new pair of shoes to go home, unexpectedly, put on the back one day, found the heel had worn leather shoes to wear, love can not wear helpless, how does that do? The foot wear thousands of reasons, to find reasons for an antidote against the disease is effective.

Right size 01 shoes
If the shoes are slightly larger, followed by a continuous sliding foot rub lead, plus 1.5 more feet can make shoe pads.
If the shoes are too small, the foot and shoe grinding foot caused by extrusion, only need to wear thick socks shoes, shoes with a hair dryer blowing hot air evenly, can stretch.
Or use the sealed bags of some water, put on the shoes, and then together with the shoes together in the fridge freezer, water freezes it can increase slightly up shoes.

02 grinding heel
If you are grinding foot heel leather excellent cause, stick a sponge layer followed by post will feel comfortable.

3 grinding toes
If the toe foot, can bandage second and third toes gently wrapped up and feel more comfortable.

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