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Hot melt adhesive machine YY-861


1, the machine applies to more than 0.5mm flat surface gluing, such as: shoes, leather suitcase, leather goods, stationery, cardboard boxes, sports equipment, etc..
2, innovative design above the wheel seat can fluctuate up and down and pressure adjustment, for uneven, soft, hard, front, low, rear, high material can glue.
3, hot melt glue groove by Teflon treatment, for glue is simple, can adjust the temperature characteristics of hot melt adhesive, can effectively prevent the hot melt carbonization.
4 、 this machine is equipped with temperature fixing device to protect the motor from trouble and install suction and exhaust machine to remove the peculiar smell.
5, the machine power motor with inverter control, speed can be stepless speed adjustment.
6, the machine is equipped with emergency stop switch, when pressing the emergency button, the motor automatically reverse, the automatic withdrawal of materials, more security..

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